All you need to know about Xcem Club

Xcem Club is the loyalty & membership programme of Being the largest dental materials platform in India, we have experienced huge interest by repeat customers who benefit from the depth of our catalogue and best prices on our products. That takes away their stress of working with multiple suppliers.

Xcem Club is our way of saying thanks to those who love  and trust us with most of their materials requirements. Xcem Club gives monetary as well as other benefits for those who buy more and more from Xcem .in. For those who are evaluating Xcem .in for their materials requirements, this gives yet another reason to get on board the revolutionary change in the way dental materials are bought.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.       What are the benefits of joining the Club?

a) To start with, you get Xcem Cash on every purchase of yours. Xcem Club has two tiers – Club Classic and Club Premium. Club Premium provides you with upto 10% Cashback as Xcem Cash on every purchase, including products ordered in bulk quantities. Club Classic provides you upto 5% Cashback as Xcem Cash on every purchase as compared to Club Premium.

b) Xcem Club members also get privilege promos from partner brands – wherever we have a comprehensive partnership with a brand, we try to give more value to all our customers in general and Club members in particular. This may include exclusive discounts, free samples, privilege support and lots more!

c) We like to surprise our Club members with free goodies from time to time – yes you heard it right. So, next time, don’t be alarmed when you get more than you purchased for at the same price!

d) Our Club members will also receive sneak peaks into upcoming promos to help you plan your materials requirements in advance. Some sales may also be opened for Club members in advance and extended for a limited period.

2.       How can I become a Club Premium member?

The tier membership requirements at this point in time are as below:

  • Club Premium: Average purchase of Rs 5,000 per month, over the last 3 months.
  • Club Classic: Average purchase of Rs 3,000 per month, over the last 3 months.

Club memberships and tiers are evaluated every month. Please keep buying more of your needs from Xcem .in to retain/upgrade your tier. We have kept the tier limits lower for the time being to make it simpler for you to benefit from the programme.

Club memberships are also assigned post your first purchase on a case-to-case basis with an emailed request, to help you get into the Club more quickly.

3.    Can I earn Xcem Cash as a General Customer?

Yes, general customers can now earn ¼ Xcem Cash on every purchase. For perspective, a Classic customer will earn ½ PB Cash and a Premium member will earn Full Xcem Cash as per the pricing tables on every product page.

4.   The pricing table on Product pages shows 68 Xcem Cash. However, I got only 34 Xcem Cash. I am a Xcem -Classic member.

As a Xcem -Classic member, you can earn ½ the number of Xcem Cash as displayed on respective product page. Upgrade to PB-Premium membership to enjoy full Cashback on every order!

5.   The pricing table on Product pages shows 68 Xcem Cash. However, I got only 17 PB Cash. I am a Xcem -General customer.

As a Xcem -General customer, you can earn ¼ the number of PB Cash as displayed on respective product page. Upgrade to Xcem -Premium membership to enjoy full Cashback on every order!

6.       Is Xcem Club just about discounts?

No, there are multiple other benefits which are getting added to the programme, including surprise gifts for top customers, free samples of new products, faster shipping, enhanced service levels and lots more. We are moving towards making Xcem Club the primary relationship management tool for all our customers. Every aspect of your relationship with Xcem .in would be determined by your Club Membership and the tier, as we move forward. Keep watching this space for more details, as Xcem Club evolves.

7.       Can I join Xcem Club?

Any dental clinic or hospital across India can join Xcem Club. All you have to do is complete the joining procedure as mentioned above, and we will take care of the rest.

Club memberships are also assigned post your first purchase on a case-to-case basis with an emailed request, to help you get into the Club more quickly.

8.       How do I join Xcem Club?

Joining Xcem Club is simple. You need to do only two things. Register with Xcem .in and start buying all your requirements through us (if you are already registered, just continue buying more from us) We will mail you once you are upgraded to the tiers or if you feel you are eligible and haven’t been upgraded yet, please feel free to email us at support@Xcem .in or through Whatsapp at 9123456789. We will take care of everything else. No specific registrations for club or any other formalities.

9.       Are the terms of Xcem Club permanent?

PB Club is yet another pioneering effort from Xcem .in to simplify your materials purchase process. As a programme, it is expected to evolve as we move forward. So, the terms and conditions which are mentioned above are expected to change as well, as we move forward. Xcem .in reserves the right to make any changes to the programme, including termination of the programme, as necessary at any point in time, without prior notification. In case of any disputes, the decision made by Xcem .in shall be final and binding on all members of the programme.

10.       What happened to the old program with 4% and 2% discounts on every purchase for Premium and Classic customers respectively? What does the new Xcem Cash program entail?

No Coupon code is required in the program anymore, Xcem Cash will be automatically calculated and accrued for every product ordered. The benefits of the new program are:
i) Automatic Xcem Cash accrual for every order, no need to use coupon code.
ii) Cash can be used in the immediate next order onward and as you see fit.
iii) One Xcem Cash point is equal to Re.1.
iv) Any other promo coupon can be used while checking out, on top of Xcem Cash credited on all purchases, allowing you to combine multiple offers for more benefits.
v) Xcem Cash can be used in part or in full on any subsequent purchase.

11.       How will I check my Xcem Cash?

Xcem Cash will be automatically credited to your account on successful placement of an order and subsequent processing from our end. This typically takes 3-5 days to reflect in your account. This is done to ensure that products are actually confirmed by our customers and shipped from our end before Xcem Cash can be claimed by a user.

On placement of any order, you will see the estimated Xcem Cash earned from that order. In case the order is modified, the Xcem Cash will also be modified accordingly and credited to customers’ accounts within the next 7 days.


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